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PlushAway is a boutique property management firm. Above all, we understand that every property entrusted to us is someone else’s treasure. We help make your property work for you, not the other way around :) We acknowledge that for many, this is where fun is happening and family memories are made. Our goal is to ensure that when you choose, you can enjoy those special moments in Hilton Head Island and make them hassle-free while providing the support to maximize your property’s business potential from afar! Whether you want your vacation home to be rented in your absence or merely rest easy knowing there is a watchful eye looking over it, we can create a tailored plan to suit your needs, ensuring that your home is well-maintained and maximizing occupancy with the ideal vacationers.

We know how hard you work to earn your investment and how much you care about it. We care about it equally regardless of who the owner is! We created tiered plans to suit your specific needs.


What To Expect From Us
➣ Easy onboarding
➣ Low fees
➣ No long-term contracts
➣ Unlimited owner blocks
➣ Help with insurance, taxes, and permits
➣ Payment processing
➣ Detailed monthly reporting
➣ 24/7 access to your Owner’s Portal
➣ Flexible Teared Fees

Guest’s Benefits
➣ Personalized digital guide
tailored to each property and guest, complete with necessary and helpful information
➣ Unmatched automated guest communication
➣ Top quality eco-friendly amenities
➣ Hotel-quality eco-friendly sheets and towels
➣ Branded extras and giveaways


Smart Hub & Add-Ons
➣ Smart Locks
➣ Smart Thermostats
➣ Noise monitoring (coming soon)
➣ Occupancy Sensor
➣ Branded WiFi ??
➣ 3D virtual villa Tours
➣ High-definition photography
➣ Decoration and Staging suggestions and implementation
➣ Listing optimization


Tiered Plans

Plans to be added soon
Second Home Management
Hilton Head Island is a place to enjoy your vacation time, and the best welcome is a warm house and a fully stocked fridge! Have fun when you are here and don’t be burdened with caring for those niggling maintenance issues. Let us handle everything. When it is time to say goodbye, we will take care of the cleaning and re-stocking and make sure your home is ready and waiting for you when you next return. And, of course, while you are away, we will check and watch over your place regularly. Fee as low as $199/mo.


Boost Exposure

Over 80% of rental bookings take place online. Our marketing strategies and the customized process will substantially increase online exposure to benefit your vacation rental

Increase Profit Margins

Our innovative, dynamic pricing approach ensures you get the maximized nightly rate depending on the seasonality, demand, day of the week, or special events happenings

On-the-Clock Support

Our automated booking system handles the guest’s communication to confirm and secure all reservations

Improve Online Ratings

By joining our “Plush Away” family, you will instantly piggyback on our current ratings and boost yours faster

Cleaning and Maintenance Solved

Our in-house dedicated cleaning and maintenance teams will free you from the irritating routine

Unmatched Guest’s Relationship

The personalized services offered to each guest will enhance your rental” Brand” and secure 5-star reviews and future reservations

Revenue Increase

In most cases, real estate investors are reluctant to hire a management company to save on management fees. Still, our experience shows that if you partner with us, you will see a significant increase in revenue, even after the fees are paid!

Grow Your Portfolio

With the extra income and time on hand, you can grow your investment portfolio faster

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